GSA Approved Conference Tables

Let us help you make the process of getting the right conference table simple and smooth. Through our proud 10+ year history as a GSA approved vendor, we’ve supplied handsome tables to a long list of government agencies, including NASA, the Navy, Special Operations Command and the DOD.

Benefits of a Franz conference table

Ergonomically designed, our tables feature a self-protective edge to resist dings and scratches, while the finishes stand up to wet glasses, hot coffee mugs and people who write with firm pressure.

Opt for a Franz table because it’s:

  • Made in USA
  • Built of nontoxic, eco-friendly materials
  • Crafted with high-tech, no-worry finishes
  • Designed to make an impression
  • Constructed for rugged, long-lasting wear

Options for GSA approved tables

GSA conference table with inlaid logoWe’ll guide you in choosing the best combination of options for your intended use:

  • Table size and shape
  • Inlaid logo
  • Hard-wearing wood veneer or laminate finishes
  • Integrated power, data, video, phone conferencing modules

Shop our GSA Advantage tables and order here.

Questions? Call or email Bob Franz for help.

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