Power and Data Services

We can advise you on the best power and data modules to incorporate for your situation.

Detail of Franz conference table with multiple video and data portsWhat’s a conference room without PowerPoint presentations, audio or video conferencing and people taking notes on their laptops? Franz Design Group specializes in equipping your conference table for today’s technology, while keeping in mind what’s coming next.

Franz tables with power, data & communications

When you order a custom table from Franz, we automatically discuss your technology needs as part of the design process. We’ll talk about the current activities in your conference room, and what’s on your wish list.

We’re tech table experts. But when a client needs something special, we bring in our technology partner, Logic Integration. They work seamlessly with us to provide top-notch power and data design and installation on complex projects.

Retrofit your current table with technology

Ask us about bringing your existing conference table up to speed. We can advise you on the best power and data modules to incorporate for your situation. You can purchase the components from us and install them yourself or hire us for professional installation.

Video and data conferencing accessories

conference table bases allow room for efficient cable managment

Our conference table bases offer efficient cable management and convenient access to technology. Allow extra space in your table base to expand.

Browse our selection of pop-up electrical outlet, data and video port options.

Contact us now to order, ask questions or get creative input.

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